My experience on visiting others blogs!!!!

Did it inspire me?: Yes it did. It inspired me because they had all different themes, so i decided to try the same and it looks really cool!!

Did I see any cool design or posts: I saw a really cool theme on Margaret’s post here is a link : I saw some cool colour choices and what they put on there it was super cool!!

What surprised me and WMYST: I was surprised that some of the about me post were only 1 sentence long, WMYST: I thought that it would be easy for some one to write more than “Hello my name is Oscar and i love dogs. “(This was a made up sentence by me Amaia).

I hoped you guys liked it and don’t forget to visit Margaret’s blog: 

Amaia out!!

p.s did you notice the pattern is you did say yes.


About me post.

Hi I’m Amaia.

Some of my favourite things in the world are: playing with my pet cat Lola , Singing and songwriting, riding my bike and laughing.

My favourite colour is rainbow .My favourite thing in the world to do is sing!! And my favourite food is pasta yum!

Fun facts!: I lived in Spain when I was younger. I am going to have a little brother or sister in August and I am Italian!

My favourite sport is badminton and I am pretty good at it even though I have no hand eye coordination.

My favourite place in the world is Spain.

Since I have kept telling you how much I love singing, here is a recording of me singing one of my songs that I wrote:

I hope you learnt about me!

Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

NUMBER 1: I give this a 0/5 because you are not only using words that aren’t real, your grammar is really bad. It is also unuseful to the reader and really hard to understand. The only thing I appreciate is the “From” you did spell your name right but you didn’t use a capital.

NUMBER 2: I give this a 2/5 because I like the first paragraph because the grammar was good but the second paragraph didn’t make sense it was kind of like you were texting to your friends which is not good!

NUMBER 3: 3 and a half/5 because it was good but it wasn’t useful to the reader. Your grammar was good but you used an unnecessary full stop and that kind of put me off. But that was pretty good!

NUMBER 4. 0/5. It had nothing to do with what the activity was about and it was a form of texting. I understand that you have a new dog but you shouldn’t write it on the post tell them at recess, lunch or after school. 

NUMBER 5: 5/5 because your grammar is great, it is informative to the reader. You were using great words. overall great job!

Number 6: I give this a 0/5 because you are being rude and you are texting.  Your grammar is bad and you are not using real words in some of the sentences. Also, you should apologize to your sister!

NUMBER 7: 0/5 There was nothing rude about it….. but it was just a bit boring and it didn’t have any feedback. Try again and put more specific words in there.

NUMBER 8: 0/5. It was not relevant to the reader, It had nothing to do with the task. The grammar was okay but that’s not the point.




Cambodia is in the south east of the continent of Asia .

                           The capital os Cambodia is Phnom Penh.

                    Cambodia is in the eastern and northern hemisphere.

The population of Cambodia is 16.01 million.

The official language of Cambodia is Khmer.

The currency of Cambodia is the Cambodian riel.

Australia played a important role throughout the Cambodian peace process in the 1980’s.

Fun fact about Cambodia is that no body cares about their birthdays!!

Bonus fun fact: there are no McDonald’s in Cambodia.

It shares borders with Vietnam to the east, Laos to the northeast, Thailand to the west and northwest and has a coastline at the gulf of Thailand to the southwest.


Footsteps interrupted the peacefulness of the forest, as an evening shadow was projected on the trees like a movie. The girl carried a screaming baby, she stopped by a pine tree to comfort the baby, but the baby still persisted. A twig broke as a mysterious figure emerged from the shadows. Mia’s head turned and she ran as fast as she could through trees, over lakes and finally, she came to her destination. There it was, the box that held the mystery to the Kingdom of Friday.


Meanwhile in the Kingdom of Friday (where it is always Friday) a sad elf wondered “ I wonder what it would be like to be Saturday?”. Day after day the sad elf followed this routine, then an idea struck. “Perhaps I can make the days change!” He thought desperately.He had heard of a girl who could make the days change. Using only drawing paper he wrote: Dear Mia Come to the palace gates of the kingdom of Friday and I’ll meet you there at once.


Mia got the message and travelled a great deal but became lost and the poor elf never found out about the great mystery of the kingdom of Friday.